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On Thu, 23 May, 2013 - 13:47
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The Spiritual Community at the Dublin Buddhist Centre is especially spiritually vital at the moment. There are many of us involved, from a diverse range of backgrounds, inspired by the vision of existence that the Buddha offers and engaging with his teachings in the company of others.

The vibrancy and continued success of the DBC presents us with a challenge: as the number of people involved increases, and as more and more people wish to take their practice deeper, the need to effectively coordinate our activities and, more crucially, to provide spiritual friendship, also increases.

To meet this growing need, earlier this year the DBC took on another full-time team member. Prajnagita started with us in March, and she has been having a really positive impact!

Having a larger Centre Team is enabling us to realise some new projects that we have been talking about for some time, such as extending the floor space of the Centre, new courses in Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness, a range of new courses during the day, and more opportunities for in-depth study, to name a few. It is a particularly rich and exciting time.

A bigger team comes with increased costs so we are asking for your help to keep the Centre finances on a sure footing.

How can you financially support the DBC?The best way to contribute financially to the Centre is by standing order. Increased income through standing orders gives us the financial security to move forward confidently.

Please consider giving in this way so we can take the DBC to the next level and give more and more people what they need to effect real change in their lives!

We would like to reach a target of €10,000 through new standing orders, which we feel is very achievable.

If we break this down it looks something like this:

If 13 people were to give €10 monthly = €1,560
If 10 people were to give €21 monthly = €2,520
If 6 people were to give €50 = €3,600
And if 2 people were to give €100 monthly = €2,400

Whatever you give will make a difference.

We hope you can give generously!To support the work of the DBC (through standing orders or once-off donations) please visit www.dublinbuddhistcentre.org/donate/
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Sadhu! Hope this is the great success it deserves to be!