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Over the urban retreat we've been taking our dharma lives into our daily lives more fully. Now the retreat is at an end, how can you take things forward? We spend most of our waking lives at work, so we can't afford to wait to retire before we can practice the dharma life there. We are launching the group dharma@work, which is a forum to discuss how we can integrate these two aspects of our lives. To join the group just click the big green + follow button above! This will give you access to the posts and by commenting them you can join the conversations. More resources, posts etc. are on their way!

We will explore different aspects of how to take our dharma practice to work more wholeheartedly:

1. Mindfulness @ work will give you ideas how to be present, aware and find pauses during the hectic pace of working days.

2. Metta @ work will give you a sense of tuning into the emotional part of our experiences at work. At work we are in constant interaction with others. Relationships matter and our way of being affects others. Metta @ work will discuss how to bring kindness, appreciation and awareness of others more fully to work relationships.

3. Dharmas @ work will highlight the importance of ethical awareness at work. Can I base my actions on generosity at work? How can truthful speech improve my communication at work?

4. Work is an integral part of our lives, but we are often driven by career planning or financial gains; we experience stress around earning our livelihood. Sometimes uncertainties of work shake us as we thought that ‘permanent job’ is permanent. Through integration, we can find ways of just being at work, loosening our ‘agendas’ and working from an authentic sense of ourselves rather than measuring ourselves against an idea of what it means to have a successful career.

5. Are we awake at work? What are all the ways in which we can start waking ourselves up in the midst of working lives? By reflecting on the way things really are, we can loosen up our sense of “self” in the workplace. Through reflecting on slogans in meditation, and in the workplace we can see through the delusion of a separate self, with something to do, and somewhere to be.

6. If taking the dharma to work inspires you why not set up meditation classes at your workplace and give yourself and your colleagues the chance to experience mindfulness and metta and the effect they can have on individual’s lives and your workplace as a whole?

About us
Shraddhasiddhi has worked as an activist, community development worker and health promotion specialist in the field of HIV and AIDS for around 10 years. She is an experienced leader, manager and project worker, with experience of working on large projects for national charities. She has also worked full time in the Triratna Movement over the years, including working for Windhorse Evolution and the Karuna Trust. She currently works at the London Buddhist Centre, leading classes and retreats, engaging in fundraising and communications work, and being a kalyana mitra for women who attend the centre.

Erika is a social scientist who works as a researcher and guest teacher at the London School of Economics. She also teaches meditation during Thursday lunchtimes at LSE. Her current research aims at improving animal health policies. She is currently stepping into a new working life as a Volunteer Manager for North London Buddhist Centre.


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