Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre

Last blog post of the 2014 This Being Retreat

On Thu, 10 April, 2014 - 18:57
yashobodhi's picture
Well all comes to an end. On the ceasing of this, that ceases. We’ve been using a round chant before some of the reflections and during some evenings. The evening events have been fairly simple. We have been chanting the Pali imasmim mantra, followed by a sutta that Dhivan had mentioned in the teaching session and then a period of meditation. After that we alternately did the Threefold puja and the Dhammapada puja, with some readings and a Shakyamuni mantra. Tonight will be doing another Dhammapada puja preceded by a short reporting out in the shrine room. I’m off tomorrow morning. Goodbye from us all here and thank you for tuning in.
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