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We have lift off !!

On Thu, 2 February, 2017 - 16:06
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Carol Robertson

We certainly set off like a rocket the first week. Scaffolding was up on day 1, so we were able to have the health and safety inspection, and start removing the corrugated iron roof, on day 2. Unfortunately, removing the roof materials, showed us what a poor state, the wooden structure underneath, was in.

Crisis !? Yes, but, a crisis made easier by the relaxed nature of our lovely contractors 2SS, who reassured us that most of the damaged timber we saw, could be replaced. A site visit from the building control inspector and a structural engineer, in the same day, brought us some possible options. So it was then off to the charity council trustees for a discussion on how to proceed. While this was being discussed, our fantastic workmen, who don’t do hanging around, had the shrine roof boarded, covered and protected in a bright orange tarpaulin. Which I have to say, produces a gorgeous orange glow which is reflected into the temporary shrine room upstairs.

In the time it took me to admire the orange tarpaulin, the workmen had started removing the roofing material from the reception area, velux windows and all. Within the day, new battens and insulation panels were being laid on the sloping roofs. We also had a visit from our fire alarm company engineer, to go over the plans for the removal of our old equipment, re-wiring and installation of new equipment.

The week ended with emails going back and forth between charity trustees, contractors, engineers and us, to work towards an appropriate, safe and secure plan for the shrine roof.

Do check back with us for the update from week 2

 Carol & Vijayasri,

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