Changes at the Croydon Buddhist Centre


On Thu, 26 May, 2016 - 15:57
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Carol Robertson

THEME : the theme will be TRANSFORMING SELF AND WORLD echoing our Sangha Morning class theme which is balancing transformation of self through exploring the Seven Fold PUJA with themes of transforming the world mainly through Buddhist Action Month.

Activities will mainly be focused on Saturday morning classes:

4th June : Amarapuspa will introduce Buddhist Action Month including the possibility of taking a precept for the month. Our Hidden Gems Team will be interviewed to explain how their Team Based Right a Livelihood business is a manifestation of transformation of Self and World. Since its opening over two years ago, our Hidden Gems Shop has been a potent example of the interaction of spiritual practice at work in the world and the Shop also encourages recycling and simplicity of lifestyle both in the sangha and the world at large.

2)  11th June: Dhammavijaya will be going back to the theme of transformation of self through devotional practice and explore Entreaty and Supplication. He will be exploring it in relation to the context of Buddhist Action Month.

3) 18th June:  Vijayasri will be introducing and playing Bhante’s talk on nuclear disarmament which he gave at the Croydon Buddhist Centre in 1984 (she was there!). This will be followed by a Meditation for Peace in Queens Gardens at 2:00.

4) 25th June: Back by popular demand: Amarapuspa will be hosting a Symposium of Talks by Sangha Members about issues and initiatives in the world  they are concerned about and inspired by.


Vegan Options
We will encourage people to be vegan at least at the Centre by only having vegan option drinks and biscuits for the month. (Dairy products will be available on request). We will also continue to encourage Fair Trade products at the Centre.

Food Bank
During Buddhist Action Month the Centre will launch its participation as a drop off point for a  Food Bank.

Centre Sustainability Kula
This will be publicised during the month along with ways the Centre has moved towards being more sustainable this year.

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