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The Alchemy of Meditation 2 - Discernment

On Mon, 31 January, 2022 - 00:00
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Free Buddhist Audio
How do we keep our meditation alive and fresh - especially over the long-term? Can we get lost and bogged down in our meditation and lose connection with creativity, play, and freshness? How do we go deeper? Responding to these questions, Vajragupta looks at the Four Iddhipadas - the four 'powers' or 'means of accomplishment' taught by the Buddha. These are: desire, discernment, heart/mind, and resolve. They are both four ingredients of a creative meditation practice, and they also draw out the alchemical process of meditation, or how the transformative process of meditation works. This second talk (25 mins) in a four-part series looks at discernment - good judgement, investigation, curiosity and interest, learning about how the mind creates experience.
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