The Urban Retreat 2011

Sailing the Worldly Winds - in India

On Fri, 14 October, 2011 - 11:17
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Hello, I am Yashosagar from Triratna’s ordination team in Pune (Maharashtra, India). I am speaking about how practising Dhamma has helped me respond more creatively to the worldly winds. I am happy my talk is released today Friday 14th October, the anniversary of Dr Ambedkar’s famous conversion to Buddhism. There is a small fundraising appeal from us at the end. Thank you.

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rodashruti's picture

I appreciated hearing the full poem “fart” story, the frog metaphor, and your experiences as a translator. Thanks for posting!

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Thank you Yashosagar.

I particularly like the thinking not to get fat when a flower is given to you, because there is a brick on the way! And not to worry if a brick is thrown, because there will be a flower handed to you soon enough.

And, of course, the importance of insight. An inspiring talk, thanks again.