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Suggestions and ideas for Buddhist Action Month 2016

On Sun, 4 October, 2015 - 20:27
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Buddhist Action Month 2015 was the best yet with around 25 Triratna centres and groups actively participating duirn ght emonth of June and engaging in a wide variety of ‘actions’, from litter picking to examining how we use our money to showing films on climage change issues followed by discussions, and a  whiole lot more. 

It is not too early to look ahead to 2016 and the next Buddhsit Action Month: what are your suggestions or thoughts on what we may wish to focus next year? 

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Zoi's picture I saw that there was a ‘faith-based day of action’ and nonviolent protest at the DSEi arms fair in September, attempting to peacefully stop vehicles carrying munitions from entering the site. Many faiths were represented including I believe Catholics, Quakers and Hare Krishnas. As Buddhists perhaps more than most faiths, advocate non-violence, I thought that it could have been a good thing if some Buddhists had been there to ‘represent’! Perhaps there may be an opportunity to attend something similar during Buddhist Action Month, if one keeps and eye out for it.

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Thank you Zoi  - that is a helpful suggestion that iwe can add to our ‘Ideas for BAM’ resources, do keep the suggestions coming, thank you! 

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Maybe something to do with the refugee crisis? Or joining a local Transition group or community supported agriculture project?

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Thanks for your ideas - do keep them coming! 

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In fact, working with a local Transition, City of Sanctuary or Age Concern group all could work. When will the themes be decided please?

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There are a load of suggestions in the BAM handbook which I have recently posted on the BAM 2016 page  - but each Triratna Buddhist Centre of group will make their own choices where they wish to put their energy for the month, and there is no limit to what one may choose to do. 

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Off the top of my head…

Shifting away from animal-based diets is an obvious point of reckoning, for so many reasons. 

I agree that the refugee crisis should be taken on board more deeply, although I don’t know how. On a philosophical level, this calls up the painful delusion of separate self not to mention subtle cultural conditionings rooted in hatred and greed… Heavy stuff!!

What about becoming more aware of our use of plastics, such that BAM could serve as testing grounds for reducing our use of plastics. There are lots of video tutorials for how to make your own toothpaste and shampoo, for example. Not to mention documentaries by people who tried to extract plastic from their lives. (Of course, the easiest way of dealing with this would be to buy products from Lush, who make fantastically ethical products that are sold either in recycled plastics or re-usable tins).

Then there’s looking at our lifestyles and how much we consume, even just very simple measures like how much water do we use when we wash up, how long do we shower, is it possible to consider turning the hot water boiler off completely for the month of June? It may sound extreme, but recall that most people in the world don’t actually have hot water, much less running water! 

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Hi Christine, thanks for this. I really like the idea of aiming to have a month not using plastics (or at least minimizing it) - that could be challenging and very illuminating! Having just made, for the first time ever, home-made oat milk and home-made cashew nut milk and being amzed how very simple it was (and inthe case of the oat milk how cheap it was too!) - it has dawned on  me that I could, without too much trouble, reduce my use of tetra packs … something that has bugged me for a while as you can’t recyle them in most places. 

I am collecting further ideas of actions for Buddhist Action Month and plan to post them in a month or two on the site, so that over time we can build up more and better ideas for how to be effective during BAM