College of Public Preceptors

Ordinations at Padmaloka

On Thu, 26 August, 2021 - 20:10
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We are very happy to announce the Public Ordinations of the following 16 men at Padmaloka on Thursday, 26.8.2021

Public Preceptor: Satyaraja

Larry Butler becomes Sukhema, meaning “He who is very peaceful, at ease”. Private Preceptor: Vajragupta

Don Allan becomes Dhirajyoti, meaning “He whose gentleness and steadiness make him radiant”. Private Preceptor: Amoghavira

Kevin McConnell becomes Shraddhavan, meaning “He who possesses faith”. Private Preceptor: Khemaka

David Elliott becomes Akashaja, meaning “He who is born from the qualities of the sky”. Private Preceptor: Jinapalita

Giles Watts becomes Sarahadaya, meaning “He who keeps what is essential at heart”. Private Preceptor: Rijumitra

Steven Hutton becomes Akashapala, meaning “He who is a protector of space”. Private Preceptor: Vajrapriya

Marcin Wojcik becomes Kshantipala, meaning “He who is a protector of patience”. Private Preceptor: Paramabandhu

Matthew Drage becomes Viryadeva, meaning “He who is a god of energy”. Private Preceptor: Paramabandhu

Arvid Fonser becomes Padmabhasa, meaning “Light of the Lotus”. Private Preceptor: Padmavajra

Public Preceptor: Vajrashura

Tony McHenry becomes Sthiramitra, meaning “He who is a steadfast friend”. Private Preceptor: Karunika

Peter White becomes Satyaghosha, meaning “He who has the voice of truth”. Private Preceptor: Jnanavaca

Peter Milton becomes Achaladaya, meaning “He whose kindness is immovable”. Private Preceptor: Satyaraja

Leif Stamford becomes Achalasiddhi, meaning “He whose accomplishment comes from resolute perseverance”. Private Preceptor: Amoghavira

Guilhem Monin becomes Prajnaghosha, meaning “He who has the voice of wisdom”. Private Preceptor: Jnanavaca

Charlie Byles becomes Satyamanas, meaning “Mind of Truth”. Private Preceptor: Priyavajra

Public Preceptor: Yashodeva

Gabriel Pujadas becomes Mokshadanu, meaning “He who is a winner of liberation”. Private Preceptor: Rijumati

Yours in the Dharma,

Vajrashura, Satyaraja and Yashodeva

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