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Ordinations in Australia

On Mon, 13 December, 2021 - 08:40
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I have pleasure in attaching the photograph and names of the three men ordained last Saturday December 11 at Vijayaloka Retreat Centre, NSW during a public ceremony hosted by the Sydney Buddhist Centre.

From left, Jinavajra (“victor of insight” - formerly Max McMullin, Sydney) Private Preceptor: Khemadhamma

Sarvadarśin (“all seeing one” - formerly Rich Batsford, Adelaide) Private Preceptor: Siladasa

Khemavajira (“he who has diamond-like security” - formerly Jonathan O’Keefe, Melbourne). Private Preceptor: Khemadhamma

Public Preceptor: Siladasa

With metta,

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Sadhu Brothers!

welcome to the Order!!

with much metta  Dharmabandhu