BAM launched early in Adelaide Triratna

On Wed, 23 May, 2018 - 14:22
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Greetings to all around the world as we set our sights on BAM 2018. The sangha here has had an early introduction to the BAM theme, so we could include our Buddha Day celebrations in our program. What better example could we have of ‘transforming self transforming world’ than the Buddha Shakyamuni, whose words and example have affected billions of people down through the ages, since he set rolling the wheel of the Dharma in our world age.

We launched BAM last night with an introductory talk from Dharmamodini ‘How practising and living the Dharma can lead to transforming self, transforming world’. This included reference to the Noble Eightfold Path with its Path of Vision and Path of Transformation, the practice of ethics and meditation as a means of transformation, and Bhante’s commentary on the Sutra of Golden Light, Transforming Self and World.

Dharmamodini also spoke about Upekshanandi’s talk The Lion’s Roar of the Future given at the recent Order Convention in Bodhgaya.  This young Order member ardently reminded us all of Sangharakshita’s series of talks published as Buddhism for Today and Tomorrow. She was very clear in saying unfolding the Eightfold Path is our response to the cries of the world, a world that so desperately needs kalyana mitrata, love, clarity, kindness and transformation, both personal and global. Sangharakshita has given us a vision and a method for translating the Buddha’s teaching into transforming self, transforming world.

Upekshanandi’s talk resonated at its heart with George Monbiot’s writing, both highlighting that caring for the world is deeply ingrained in our human existence. Our duty now is to cherish the gifts we have been given and share them with the world.

Next week on Sangha Night (29th May) we will rejoice in the Buddha and his gifts to us with a Sevenfold Puja for Buddha Day, and we will also be rejoicing with a mitra ceremony that evening, celebrating each step along the path of transformation.

And then it will be June that looks like this:                                                                 5th - introducing the Bodhisattva Padmasambhava and his powers of transformation   12th - introducing Monbiot’s work, laying out our dilemma and possibilities               19th - following Monbiot’s thinking through to a positive vision, a new story to live by   26th - living out the story in our daily lives, how we each can do this, here and now 

So watch this space for further postings down the track of the month of June and wishing everyone well for BAM, from the sangha in Adelaide, South Australia

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