BAM has begun at the North London Buddhist Centre

On Thu, 7 June, 2018 - 14:19
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This year for Buddhist Action Month we will be collecting goods for a local homeless charity and our local food bank. 

All of our Sangha Nights will be BAM themed. We kicked off the month with an Amoghasiddhi ritual led by Satyapurna. Next week we will have Sanghasiha on Deep Ecology. The following week will be Akashamitra on the work of the Karuna Trust in Inida and Nepal. We will end the month with a closing ritual led by Visuddhimati. 

Every weekday morning this month we are having a morning meditation led by various Order Members. A heroic effort from all those attending as doors are at 7.15am!

Our Tree of intentions is up in the reception area and ready for pledges.

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