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On Thu, 31 May, 2018 - 16:29
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BAM is about to kick off in the Dublin Buddhist Centre!  This is our main BAM page.

Below is a section of what we’ve sent our Sangha, including challenges that we are asking people to sign up for, after which they’ll be sent weekly updates and resources by ‘champions’ for each challenge! 

And we also have a Padlet page where people can update everyone else on how they’re getting on with their challenge.

Our BAM Events are:

  • Film Night - Angry Buddha
    Friday 8th June 2018, from 7pm. Hosted by Vajrashura and Sadayasihi.
    This film is about the curious and inspiring story of the Hungarian gypsies who were inspired to start Dr Ambedkar High School to help young Roma/gypsies to a better life, and is focused around Janós Orsòs, a Triratna Mitra.
  • Exploring Beethoven’s Fidelio - Liberation, Fidelity and Enlightenment
    Sunday 10th June 2018, 2pm - 4pm. Hosted by Eamonn Lawlor.
    How do we remain true to our ideals? Eamonn will discuss and present extracts from Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio: a story of heroic love and resistance to tyranny, composed in the aftermath of the French Revolution, just one expression of creativity in the face of challenge.
  • Dharma Talk - Dr. Ambedkar & the Dhamma Revolution in the West
    Friday 15th June 2018, from 7pm. By Jnanadhara.
    Dr. Ambedkar was a great social reformer in India who converted to Buddhism with hundreds of thousands of his followers, in order to help them escape the crushing oppression of caste. What can Buddhists in the West learn from this peaceful revolution instigated in India by Dr. Ambedkar?
  • Solidarity with All Beings: Making a Stand - Meditation Day on Metta
    Saturday 16th June 2018, 10am - 4.30pm. Led by Jnanadhara.
    A day exploring the far-reaching implications of Metta Bhavana meditation, how it can bring us into greater solidarity and connection with outselves and others.
  • Meditation Practice Morning
    Sunday 17th June 2018, 10am - 1pm. Led by Maitrikaya.
    This practice morning will have a special BAM flavour, evoked by readings and with three meditation sits to support and nourish us in our Dharmic efforts in the world.
  • Summer Solstice Ritual
    Tuesday 19th June 2018, 7.30pm - 9.45pm, as part of Sangha Night. Led by Pavara & team.
    We will be connecting more with the passing of the seasons by celebrating the Summer Solstice, an important time of year in the seasonal calendar, celebrated by people on this island for millenia.
  • Writing for Transformation
    Saturday 23rd June 2018, 2pm - 5pm. Led by Liz Evers.
    On this workshop we will be looking at how we can use writing to support the arising of insight! We will be exploring these practices from Writing Your Way and The Poet’s Way by Manjusvara, as well as Ira Progoff’s journaling system. Just bring pen and paper.
  • Biodiversity Tour and Cycle in Phoenix Park
    Sunday 24th June 2018, from 12pm. Led by Declan Brennan.
    Explore the fantastic diversity in nature that is the Phoenix Park - and do it on your bike! Declan will expertly guide us around this beautiful space, and we can have a picnic afterwards! For this event we will meet in the Papal Cross car-park at 12pm.
  • Special Sub-35s Group
    Friday 29th June 2018, 7.30pm - 10pm. Hosted by the Sub-35s Group.
    A special BAM Sub-35s Group night, open to anyone, regardless of age!
  • Sangha Hike in the Wicklow Mountains
    Sunday 30th June 2018, from 9.30am. Led by Vajrashura and Rijumuni.
    Vajrashura and Rijumuni will be leading a walk in the Wicklow mountains a way of reconnecting with nature and reminding us of why cherishing environmental sustainability is so important, as well as how nature can have such a positive effect on our Dharma practice. A great chance to reconnect with nature! (Requires hiking gear and a reasonable level of fitness.)

All these events are on a donation basis. For some events, we would ask people to book on beforehand - see our BAM Events Page for more details.

Take a BAM Challenge
And, of course, intention is not much use in the world without action! So we’d really encourage you to think about taking on one or more of the pledges for the month…

The pledges for 2018 include:

  • Reducing our use of plastic
  • Doing a digital detox, reducing and purifying our use of social media
  • Going more vegetarian or vegan
  • Practising ethical consumerism, e.g. buying only recycled clothes, or buying only the bare minimum necessary
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Picking litter each day
  • Planting a tree!

So why not take a challenge or even a few challenges! And we’ll send you resources to help you in your efforts, and ways of staying in touch with others doing the same challenge.

Finally, you can see more details at the DBC BAM Page, and read more about people’s activites and inspirations worldwide at the Triratna BAM Page.

Buddhist Action Month is happening! What action are you going to take?

With metta,

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