BAM in Birmingham

On Mon, 4 June, 2018 - 12:24
Maitrisara's picture

Birmingham Buddhist Centre have dedicated the theme of Sangha night in June to Buddhist Action Month. Under the heading of Transforming Self, Transforming World, we will be holding themed evenings looking at the altruistic dimension of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre on 7th June and the following week there will be short personal talks on how you bring Buddhist practice to your work. There will be an evening on 21 June about Buddhist social change and on 28 June there will be a devotional evening, Living the myth of Avalokitesvara. 

On 5 July, Padmavajra will be talking about The Four Actions of the Enlightened Ones and will explain how, for things to really change, it’s not enough for us to have Buddhist Action Month, what the world needs is Buddha Action all the year round!

We are also raising awareness of the work of a local homeless charity Sifa Fireside in Birmingham where a couple of members of the local Sangha work and volunteer. We will help highlight Sifa Fireside’s need for volunteers.

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