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On Thu, 15 June, 2017 - 16:31
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Hiya everyone,

Sorry it’s taken me until now to contribute . All I can say is we have been so busy organising things at the centre I have not had the time to spend on this. But here I am now. We seem to have lots going on in Cardiff for Buddhist Action Month and have plenty more things lined up for the next two weeks. Maybe some of them will so successful they will carry on for the rest of the year. That is what happened last year when we decided to go vegan within the centre. After seeing that it worked well we decided that the centre would be vegan permantly, or as permanent as we can be but you know what I mean.

at the beginning of June we kicked off with an intro to Bam at sangha night and a talk on the use or misuse of single use plastic. We encouraged people to make pledges which we pin on the notice board then we can all see the different ways in which we are trying to cut down the amount of plastic we use. At the end of the month we will discuss how it all went and go from there. This was followed by a short radio interview about Bam and how we at the centre are taking part. 

EachSaturday we are holding flash meditations in the park near the museum where anyone can join us. We are also going to have a food bank collection and take the donations to one of the local food banks to be given out.

the young people’s group hosted Sangha Night on Tuesdat with the theme being Communicating the Dharmawherewe meditated, heard three short talks and had a Puja.

this coming Sunday are having a Stream of Practice Day for Order Members and Mitras I which the theme of the day is Forgiveness. At the end ofthedaywe are going on a Mani March where we will walk round the block with a specially made banner, chanting om manipadme hum and giving out little. Buddha gift bags , whichLaura so generously made.

Saturday is a work as practice day where  people will come along medidatetogetherandthenspend the day cleaning the centre to make it look it’s best.

on the24th we are going to have a litter-pick day where we pick up litter from the local children’s park and the recycle the rubbish and make something arty. In other words trash to craft.

as part of the cutting down on the plastic within the centre we have stopped the use of hand wash and gone back to using good old soap and water, or inthis case tea-tree soap which isn’t all individually wrapped in plastic wrappers

Whew! All that makes me feel tired. But all very worthwhile and worth it. We are at least trying to change things a bit.

with metta,


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Hello Lynda,

You say it makes you feel tired but it uplifted and excited me to read all that :)) Thank you so much for those wonderful initiatives, and I was very pleased to read that your centre has gone vegan.

Sadhu, sadhu & sadhu to you all taking part in BAM in Cardiff.

Kind wishes from Istanbul