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Buddhafield is looking for retreat team

On Fri, 28 January, 2022 - 09:46
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Buddhafield is looking for retreat team, volunteer crew and cooks for Spring/Summer 2022

Our volunteers camp out on Buddhafield’s beautiful land in Devon, and work together in community to build, run and then dismantle our dana-based retreats. We share food, fireside songs and meditate together. Being part of a retreat team is a powerful experience of living simply, in community and close to nature.

The structure and atmosphere of being part of a retreat team is a combination of land-based community living, Team Based Right Livelihood and retreat conditions with a programme of practice underpinned by a Buddhist perspective.

The crew work is physically demanding - we will be busy building structures, taking them down and doing everything else that is needed to run the retreat camps. However, we try to work together to make sure we look after each other’s needs and make space for rest and stillness amongst the activity. Nonetheless we are unfortunately only able to take volunteers who will be physically able to participate in lifting and carrying kit and moving about easily on rugged ground.

It’s satisfying work - and being on a retreat team means we get to participate in most of the retreat as well as enjoying the rewards that come with being in service.
Volunteers sleep in their own tents or live-in vehicles. Food is provided on site. You can volunteer for several events or just one.

To apply please visit or email information [at] (subject: Retreat%20Team%20Enquiry) with any questions.

Retreat volunteering dates
Spring Yatra - 1st to 9th April
Open to all
The Archetypal Symbolism of the Refuge Tree: Women’s Training for Ordination Retreat - 18th April to 4th May
Open to woman who are Training for Ordination and non-binary people who are Training for Ordination within the women’s ordination process at Tiratnaloka
Body of Bliss: Metta and Samādhi 2022 with Dayajoti, Viryadeva and Maitrijyoti - 18th May to 1st June
Open to all
Awakening to a Life of Deep Meaning: Open retreat with Alobhin and Ratnadeva - 14th to 26th August
Open to all

To find out more about Buddhafield or the retreats mentioned above visit:

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