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Be the Ground from which we Grow

On Fri, 16 April, 2021 - 11:50
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Could you be part of the ground from which we grow, by giving regularly to us?  is our fundraiser page.

Buddhafield offers so much of what is needed in this century:  the Buddha’s liberating teachings, in authentic community, living close to nature; powerful antidotes to the current epidemics of lack of meaning, social isolation, and alienation from the natural world.  

Sangharakshita saw Buddhafield as one of the two most important developments to have taken place in the last 25 years within the Triratna community.  Our mission is sharing the dharma; celebration; right livelihood; and right relationship with nature, including the inner development needed to address the eco-crisis.

The Covid 19 impact
In 2020 we lost of most of our income. So we face a £50k hole in our finances. We are thriving in many ways. With 25 years of experience, an amazing team and a clear vision, we are in a better place than ever to make a difference. But, to do this, we need to continue to pay core team, support volunteers, store and repair our kit, and take care of our land. The financial support of those who love, appreciate or feel connected to Buddhafield is vital for us right now: to provide a solid ground from which to grow upwards and outwards as a force for the good in this suffering world 

Our Ask
Would you consider giving us a regular amount each month, £30 per month, or as much as you are able and moved to give?  Our target is £50k annual income.   We want to continue to share the unique Buddhafield magic that combines joyful celebration, transformative teachings, and true community built around loving respect for the natural world.  If you’d like to support us in this vision, please do give now.  It will be hugely appreciated.  The ongoing support of standing orders is the regular nourishment that the tree of Buddhafield most needs!

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