A Second Renaissance? Part 2

On Mon, 20 November, 2023 - 10:30
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Caroline I P

How are you reading this?

Forgive me for being so forward. Of course, you haven’t really got going yet. It’s probably too open a question anyway: the how of reading could mean lots of different things. First, there’s the medium – are you on your phone, a tablet, a laptop or desktop (though of course you might have printed this out, or be asking a text-to-voice AI to read it to you)? Then there’s the speed – are you scanning, skimming, skipping; or planning to stop and mull
over my word choice or points of interest as you go along? And how is the how of your reading influenced by your assumptions of what kind of writing this is, and even what the act of reading really is? Would you have even thought about it if I hadn’t asked?

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By Prajnaketu
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