Buddhist Action Month 2020

On Mon, 27 April, 2020 - 14:44
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Kaspalita Thompson from the Network of Buddhist Organisations writes:

We are living in unusual times. The world has responded with appropriate urgency to the COVID-19 outbreak. Buddhist centres across the UK have closed and are offering practice sessions online. Local volunteer groups have appeared to respond to the virus.

In the background the climate and ecological crisis continues to unfold. Although there has been a drop in carbon emissions in many countries in lockdown, and an increase in air quality in major cities, it’s not clear what will happen when we come out of these conditions. 

Will we make systematic changes to maintain the lower emissions, or will we rush back to business as usual?

The corona virus outbreak changes how we can respond to the suffering of the earth, but it is still essential to make a response: from dedicating our practice to the earth, to making individual changes, to advocating for systems change. We might also offer a direct response to the suffering created by the virus.

The Buddhist Action Month Handbook is full of ideas, inspiration and practical suggestions. Download it now.

And remember to check out our resources page - now including recordings of the talks from the Febuary Echodharma workshop.

Best wishes,

Kaspalita Thompson

You can also find information here.

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