Bhaja Cave

Solitary experience

On Wed, 13 October, 2021 - 17:35
Saddhammapradip's picture
Abhideep It is my first solitary with fearful experience living without my family, there was just great silence which I have never experienced in my life. Around me, I heard many different voices of insects, birds, and animals. The biggest surprising challenge was no electricity for 3 days due to wind blew and rain, I did confront my fear about snakes, as I haven’t seen any during my solitary. I had a wonderful meditation experience and looking at the pattern of daily life, reading books, and doing daily puja and chanting mantras kept me in a good mental state. Sushil Adding some quiet moments where you can be alone, slowing down and taking breaks from my regular life. During solitary, I realized that I have bought my whole world with me. To resist it, was like knowing how much energy I got invested in it. Rather of been in present, I was under the mental preoccupation. Through solitary pursuits, I learn more about myself by just doing nothing and reflecting on my experience. In the evening I use to walk around the forest with no established path and the occurring problem with such a route showed how organized is everything we do in our life. This enormous silence makes me feel that I am part of nature. The essential ingredient was doing morning and evening meditation has helped me a lot. On some occasions in the evening puja peacock use to enchant through a lovely voice.
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