Bhaja Cave

Mitra Retreat on Feb 21

On Thu, 25 February, 2021 - 18:52
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Third physical retreat led by Dh. Satyadeep on Mala Vagga (Stain) a verse from Dhammapada. Retreat was supported by Dh. Sanghasiddhi Seven Purification (visuddhi) *Of ethics, sila-visuddhi : developing and maintaining the basis of your human freedom and spiritual development. *Of mind, citta-visuddhi : getting rid of unskiful States of mind – jealousy, fear, ignorance etc. Having attained this stage, you are able to think straightforwardly and clearly. *Of views, ditthi-visuddhi : purifying onese of wrong views such as “everything is made by God”, “everything is the result of fate or destiny”, everything happens just by chance”. This you gain control over your own mind and you can develop as a human being. * By overcoming doubt, kankhavitarana-visuddhi : you overcome the tendency for doubts to return. Intellectuals are very prone to doubts and objections which prevent them from making further progress on the Path, or even from putting the Path into pràctice at all. * By knowledge and vision of what is and what is not the Path, maggamagga nanà-dassana-visuddhi: you take the trouble to find out what is the Path and what is not the Path – you learn to discriminate between false advice and good concerning the Path. * By knowledge and vision of the Way. patipada-nanàdassana-visuddhi: having distinguish the Right Path, you tread it. You know directly from your own experience what is the Path and what is not. *By knowledge and vision, nanà-dassana-visuddhi: knowledge which enable you to work for the welfare of the world – a state in which very pure and clear, energy-permeated knowledge arises which is both Wisdom and Compassion.

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