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International Order Retreat at Bodhgaya 1-8 February 2015

On Tue, 21 October, 2014 - 09:45
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The India Dhamma Trust invite all Dhammacharis and Dhammacharinis worldwide are invited to attend an International Order Retreat to be held at the Three Jewels Centre at Bodhgaya. Subhuti will lead the retreat with a team from India and the West.

We will be holding the reteat at Bodhgaya so that we can spend each evening at the Buddha’s feet, meditating and doing puja together. We will centre our time as much as possible at the Three Jewels Centre, where the shrine hall will be and where meals will be served. Accommodation will be in neighbouring viharas and guest houses.

Our aim is to strengthen and deepen our connection with the Buddha. Perhaps all we need to do is bow before the Buddha each day, however, we will be spending each morning at the Three Jewels Centre in silent meditation. In the afternoon, Subhuti will be giving a talk on connecting to the Buddha, which will be followed by group discussion. After supper, we will go down to the temple for meditation and puja.

We will be needing to make arrangements well in advance and therefore need people to book up as early as possible. Booking will close on 31st December 2014.

Western Order members can book by emailing Vajratara at dhvajratara [at] and asking for a booking form. The cost will be £160.
Indian Order Members can book by emailing or phoning Sadhanaratna, at sadhanaratna [at] / +91 8446553345 or phone Ratnadarshi: +91 9422133849. The cost will be ₹ 16 000
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Hurry, bookings close on 31 December. If you are thinking about coming and are waiting to make the final decision, just do it!
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I hope the retreat went well. Is there likely to be one next year? I hope so. And if so, as much notice as possible would be appreciated.