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Indian Pilgrimage February 2018 - From the Bodhi Tree to Triratna

On Fri, 28 April, 2017 - 20:14
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To coincide with the International Conventions, the India Dhamma Trust is arranging a special pilgrimage for Order members and Mitras who wish to gain a living experience of the unity of Triratna.

From the heartlands of Ancient Buddhism, order members and mitras will follow itineraries that attend the Order or Mitra conventions at Bodh Gaya, and take in the traditional pilgrimage sites of Shravasti, Kusinara, Lumbini, Vaishali and Sarnath, before combining to travel to Nagpur to explore Triratna activities there, and participate in exceptional Buddha Festival held there at the Dikshabhumi ( site of the mass conversions). The pilgrimage will conclude with visits to the Ajanta and Ellora caves,and visits to Triratna activities at Pune and Bhaja.

If you would like to make the most of the opportunity to create links between the ancient pilgrimage sites and the living Dhamma in India, this pilgrimage is the ideal way to do so.

The pilgrimage runs through the whole of February 2018, though has a range of options for joining for different sections, from 11 to 31 days.

Costs range from 14000 INR ( £170 approx) to 97000INR (£1170 approx) and are exclusive of return flight to India and convention fee/accommodation .

Organisation of the Pilgrimage in India is undertaken by Bodhi Tours, a Right Livelihood project run by three order members.

For more details, and information on booking, please contact Dhammavijaya at dhammavijaya [at] 

Mob. 07984 859464

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