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Celebrating Dr B.R. Ambedkar.

On Sun, 20 March, 2016 - 22:41
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In ‘Celebrating Dr B.R. Ambedkar’, Subhuti offers four main reasons why we might remember and honour the great Dr Ambedkar.

This video also includes fact sheets about Dr Ambedkar’s life, the work of Triratna in India and attempts to capture the essence and transformative power of the Dhamma revolution.  

Dr Ambedkar’s vision for the potential of Buddhism as creating a Pure-land is not just for India; it’s an important message for the whole world. 

Produced by India Dhamma Trust.

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Well done Indian Dhamma Trust . Carunalaka would I be able to be sent a file for this video that I could use on Bodhisattva Path GFR retreat ( where I won’t have Internet access ) ?  

maitripala [at] 

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A beautiful production. A clear impassioned talk by Subhuti. Thank you all…!

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Thank you Carunalaka for this pithy and moving explanation of the importance of Ambedkar to our movement and the world.  It hits the spot!  Arthavadin