Welcome to Sustainable Centre Scheme

Sustainable Centre Scheme
Triratna's 'Sustainable Centre Scheme'has grown out of its participation in the UK's national 2014 BAM - Buddhist Action Month.

The intention is to discuss and develop plans for a certification scheme where Buddhist Centres would be certified as “Sustainable Centres” along the lines of the Fair Trade Association's Temple Certification scheme.

To become certified, Buddhist Centres need to commit to actioning a list of 10 'dimensions', or steps, covering all aspects of their environmental footprint. These are arranged under three headings:

becoming aware
. 1. We have measured the carbon footprint of our Centre and conducted an Energy Audit
. 2. We have a sustainability champion or kula reporting to the Centre Council
taking action
. 3. We have changed the Centre’s electricity supplier to 100% Green Energy
. 4. We have taken steps to become a Fairtrade Centre
. 5. We have taken steps to adopting the recommendations of our Energy Audit
. 6. We are promoting being vegetarian, and a move towards veganism, at the Centre
. 7. We are promoting public transport and car-sharing to the Centre and retreats
. 8. We are moving towards a comprehensive recycling policy in the Centre
spreading awareness
. 9. We are displaying this certificate proudly!
. 10. We are taking part in BAM (Buddhist Action Month) and are asking our Sangha members to take a personal ‘Green Precept’

Comments and suggestions welcome…

Our hope is to launch the scheme more widely at the July 2014 Triratna European Chairs Assembly.