Buddhist Action Month 2016

Starting with a BAM

On Thu, 9 June, 2016 - 10:21
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Helen - Windhor...

We in the Cambridge Sangha have been enjoying a few BAM events already, including a movie launch night (Home), a Sangha Art display coupled with a cafe offering vegan cakes and soyaccinos, and a talk on ‘Abundance, Simplicity and Sharing’ by the inspiring Vessantara. People have come with lots of enthusiasm and ideas, leading to upcoming events like ‘making your own gifts’ (this Sunday), working on a cropshare farm and a clothes swap. In addition, over thirty people have made pledges in June from going vegan to staying off Facebook for the month.

The Centre team has gotten involved by deepening the practice of non-harm, and in particular by radically reducing consumption of dairy products during the month of June. In addition, the Centre has switched to ecological cleaning products for June and beyond.

We’re looking forward to next week, which includes a collection for a local food bank.

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very inspiring to read about the diverse range of actions the Cambridge sangha is involved in, sounds great!