Buddhist Action Month 2016

Sheffield June 19 > Day of rejoicing (in our efforts, so far)

On Mon, 20 June, 2016 - 14:31
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A small group came together for a day of reflection, contemplation and rejoicings on Sun. June 19th. Although we were only 5 individuals, we had all participated on Sheffield’s first BAM event (Natural Dharma), so we were familiar with each others’ Green Precepts and with each other.

In addition to meditation, Suddhacandika led us through reflections of gratitude, for which we wrote our rejoicings on paper-cut-out hands and offered these to the shrine, to Avalokitesvara. Later we Harvested the gifts of the Ancestors, which is a strong contemplation of lineage, inheritance, and continuity of purpose. After reflecting on this exercise, we wrote our aspirations onto paper-cut-out hearts and offered these to the shrine, too. To close the day, we did a two-stage metta bhavana and recited the Rejoicing in Merits from the 7-fold puja.

Although it would have been nice to have more participation, our small numbers permitted greater intimacy and easy togetherness. 

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