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Parami - Radical Then Radical Now: The History Of Triratna’s Progressive Vision

On Thu, 11 June, 2015 - 17:56
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As part of Buddhist Action Month 2015 and the international Triratna Young Buddhists weekend, we present this archive version of a live streamed Dharma talk and conversation by Parami. The talk and discussion touch on many aspects of what it is to find the meeting place between our own highest values and the world in which we find ourselves practising.

One of the most experienced and pioneering members of our Order, Parami has helped build the Triratna Buddhist Community over the past 30+ years and has never lost touch with its radical edge!

See below for more detail on some of Parami’s references:
Akuppa’s Shambhala Warrior Training piece
Amalaketu’s Sustainable Buddhist Centre accreditation scheme

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