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More about awakening your money

On Sun, 21 June, 2015 - 16:36
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We haven’t said very much so far about Triratna’s second theme for Buddhist Action Month: Awakening your money sense.  Amalavajra, Triratna’s European fundraiser writes with some ideas for getting real about your money, including a short questionnaire.

“Why not use Buddhist Action Month to finally get real about money - both objectively (how much you really have and need), and subjectively (your underlying attitudes and beliefs about money)?

You may find, as many people do, that your relationship to money mirrors your relationship to life. And from this understanding you can form positive intentions about how you want to live in relation to money. In particular, you might decide to live more simply this month and to give more. Counter-intuitively, this will make you feel happier and more connected to others, as well as directly helping them.

I’ll be following this post shortly with a series of ideas for action, but here’s a place to start.”

Money reality
your objective financial reality: Look at the last three months’ bank statements and calculate exactly how much you earn (including benefits and investment income), spend and give away in an average month. Any surprises?

Understand your subjective financial reality: complete this short questionnaire to establish which of the eight money archetypes are predominant in you and how to balance them.

amalavajra [at] (Join Amalavajra’s Money awakening email list )to stay in touch.

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