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A five minute action you can still squeeze into June!

On Tue, 30 June, 2015 - 14:06
mokshini's picture

If you  are feeling you wish you had been able to do a bit more for Buddhist Action Month and now realize June is nearly over - here is something effective you can still do, it takes fine minutes: switch to Green Energy. This means that all the money you pay for your bills will go to fund energy won from renewable resources. There are several Green Energy companies in the UK, but if you choose Good Energy,  they will pay the Triratna European Chairs Assembly £25 whenever anyone switches, provided that person quotes either “Triratna Chairs Assembly” or our code GE2190, or does it online via  If someone uses that link the necessary codes are automatically incorporated into their application.  You also get £25 off your first bill. 

And if you have already switched - how about suggesting to members of your family or a friend or two that they do it? 

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Christine's picture

Nice one, thanks Mokshini! I will pass this along to the Sheffield sangha.