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Facts about consuming animals/ animal products

On Sun, 21 June, 2015 - 15:04
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Cardiff Buddhist Centre are running a range of workshops at the BAM Sangha night and one of the workshops is on vegetariansim and veganism. We know some people come along and struggle to give up meat and fish and we wanted to have a resource which clearly describes the facts about eating meat, fish and dairy products and the impact this has on the beings we consume and the environment we inhabit. We hope you find this factsheet helpful.

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Thank you for this fact sheet. One product that may be worth adding - even though I hope that few people eat it! - is soap. To make it simple, soap is made through a chemical  reaction called saponification, between an alkaline solution and a fatty acid… which can be of vegetal or animal origin, something you can know by looking at the soap’s ingredients.

If you find the following ingredients, animal fat is being used (I mention sodium, which is the most frequent for solid soaps, but it can also be potassium) - and in Britain this is the case of most cheap soaps:
- sodium tallowate - made with tallow, i.e.  beef fat
- sodium lardate - made with lard, i.e. pork fat

All the others soaps (to the best of my knowledge) are made with vegetable fat, mostly:
- sodium peanutate - made with peanut fat
- sodium cocoate - made from coconut fat
- sodium olivate - made with olive oil
- sodium palmate - made with palm oil
- sodium palm kernelate - made with palm kernel oil.

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Really helpful information Ujumani.  Thank you!