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Change ourselves... change the world

On Mon, 6 July, 2015 - 18:13
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On Tuesday 30th June, the Cardiff sangha took part in an evening of talks, discussions and workshops on the theme “Change ourselves - change the world”.  This event was held as part on Buddhist Action Month 2015.

The first workshop was on ‘Vegetarianism and Veganism’ and included watching and discussing the very inspirational clip from Matthieu Ricard on “Keeping a Vegan and Vegetarian Diet”:

The second workshop was on calculating our personal carbon footprint.  This was about developing a greater awareness of how our choices and actions result in an increase in carbon emissions and how this accelerates the threat of global warming.

We used a paper version of the Guardian’s Quick Carbon Calculator:

As a result of this evening people collectively made a pledge to save almost 13 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide over the next year by changing their individual choices and actions.

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