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Buddhist Action Month 2015 in Dublin

On Mon, 25 May, 2015 - 10:26
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This is the first year that the Dublin Buddhist Centre has gotten actively involved in Buddhist Action Month.  It has been enthusiastically embraced by the Centre team and the Sangha and now most of the events happening in June have been ‘BAM!’-ed!   To get into the spirit of BAM all events are on a donation or dana basis, (though there is a non-refundable €50 booking deposit for the Cavan retreat).

In the run up to BAM! we are asking Sangha regulars to start thinking of an action they would like to take as part of Buddhist Action Month such as cycling to work for the month, going vegan, taking part in an action/campaign for environmental justice or including the planet in a daily Metta Bhavana practice.  Watch this space!

Here is the programme of BAM! events in Dublin:

Retreat in Cavan: Self and Other, the Alchemy of Transformation.

Friday 29th May – Monday 1st June in Cavan. Led by Prajnagita & Vajrashura.

One of the central tensions in practising the Dharma is between self and other - wanting to work on and improve one’s own self and well-being, and on the other hand practising in order to help people and the world around us.  This retreat will explore this, in particular by studying Vasubhandhu’s teachings on how, out of this dynamic interplay between self and other, something mysterious and wonderful can emerge – the Enlightened heart, which feels loving-kindness all the time and for all beings.

Wheels of Life Bicycle Repair Workshop. 

Saturday 6th June, 11am – 1pm.  With Donal MacErlaine.

Cycling is the most efficient and ecological form of transport known to us. It has qualities of being sustainable and social, and rolling on a pair of well-oiled wheels can also bring us closer to physical awareness and beauty. But in order to find the path of least resistance, one must know the secrets of maintenance!

You will pass through the enigmas of tuning brakes, gears and headsets; replacing chains, tyres, ball-bearings, spokes; and attaining the truth of a wheel. You’ll also find out what bike is right for you, when maintenance is necessary and the source of absolute bicycle knowledge.  A short spin at a social pace together with a discussion of bicycle physiology will finish the workshop.

And a picnic will follow at 1.30pm, even if you haven’t been on the workshop!

Donal has been a mechanic and wheel-builder since 2007, and his hand-built wheels have successfully traversed the Balkans, West-Africa and Ireland. The poetry of mechanics awaits you!

Dharma Talk and Book Launch by Vaddhaka – The Buddha on Wall Street: What’s Wrong with Capitalism and What We Can Do about It

Friday 12th June, from 7pm. 

Vaddhaka has just launched his new book The Buddha on Wall Street. Described by David Loy as an ‘original, insightful, and provocative evaluation of our economic situation today’, in the book Vaddhaka suggests that there is an alternative to our current economic system which allows us to fulfil our potential as human beings, whilst living in a society less dominated by greed, inequality and suffering.

On this night Vaddhaka will be launching the book and giving a Dharma Talk exploring some of the main themes of the book.

Study Day for Men Mitras – Community, Work and the Capitalism

Saturday 13th June, 10am – 5pm. Led by Vaddhaka.

Community is vital to a meaningful life. But what is lost with capitalist economic development is community. Where can we find community, and what can we do to preserve and promote its development? As well as that, the vast majority of people in the world today do not find fulfilment in their job, whilst over 200 million are unemployed. Work, and the lack of work, are major sources of suffering in the world. How did we get to this situation, and can we do anything to change it? What should be the Buddhist attitude to work?

On this study day for men mitras, we will be exploring both these themes with Vaddhaka, who recently published the bookThe Buddha on Wall Street: What’s Wrong with Capitalism and What We Can Do about It.

Movies in the Monto – Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret by Kip Andersen

Friday 19th June, from 7pm.  With a brief introduction to sustainability issues by Lisa Patten.

In this enlightening feature documentary, we are shown the inextricable connection between the environmental crisis, the meat industry, and politics. We are brought along on the journey of Kip Andersen, as he grapples with figuring out the best way to be an ‘Obsessive Compulsive Environmentalist.’

Vegan Cookery Demonstration

Sunday 21st June, 1pm – 3.30pm. With chef Pat Timlin.

This demonstration hopes to demystify vegan cooking and show how easy it can be!  Includes a delicious shared dinner. This will take place in the women’s residential community in Phibsboro.

Young Buddhists Group: Earth Evening - Practicing for the Planet

Friday 26th June, 7.30pm – 10pm.

We will be exploring ways we can bring our practice off our cushions and into the world, and looking at some of the big challenges of our time and how we can respond together as a Sangha to these issues.  For anyone 35 years old or under.

Sangha Hike in the Wicklow Mountains

Saturday 27th June, from 9.30am. Led by Vajrashura.

For those who are able bodied and have the right walking gear, Vajrashura will be leading a walk in the Wicklow mountains as a way of reconnecting with nature and reminding us of why cherishing environmental sustainability is so important.

Practice Morning

Sunday 28th June, 10am – 1pm. Led by Maitrikaya.

This practice morning will have a special BAM themed flavour, including readings, both modern and from ancient Buddhism, about how we can respond creatively to the call of the world.

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Wow, what a program!! Way to go, Dublin! Thanks for sharing, Lisa!