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Brighton Buddhist Centre is getting ready for BAM

On Thu, 14 May, 2015 - 17:29
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Brighton Buddhist Centre’s earth metta kula (our engaged Buddhism and Sustainability group) and other members of the Sangha  at the Brighton Buddhist Centre are beginning to look forward to June! We hope to make use of Buddhist Action Month to raise awareness of the Buddha’s insight of the truth of paticca samutpada: the fact that actions have consequences. This is true on a personal but also on a global scale: How do we practice ethics in the 21st century?  What is our responsibility in the face of climate change and human suffering, as members of a Buddhist tradition with metta at is heart? 

Here is what we are planning to do during June: 

On June 1st we will start Buddhist Action Month with a Celtic Full Moon Puja  in praise of Tara and the beauty of nature - may this be an auspicous start for our month! This is followed by a visit by Vaddhaka, who will talk about issues raised in his book ‘The Buddha on Wall Street’. 

We are going to have two Film Nights, showing “Planet Ocean” on one Saturday and “The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism & Community” on another. 

On a hopefully lovely sunny Sunday in June we plan to have a sangha walk with a difference - taking time to notice what we love in the world! And there’s also an afternoon based on the work of Joanna Mac from“The Work That Reconnects” as well as a practice day looking at the  ”Earth Metta Practice”: we’ll explore how we can support each other practicing Metta -  towards those living in Hell Realms where all they know is suffering, as well as towards those who live in a realm where all they can understand is Power.

Sagaravajra is visiting to share images and stories from his “Garden of Complete Being” he is creating in Devon.  And Danceitation is back for a one off visit!  Jayagita says “We’ll all be rocking the dance floor with love, world peace and universal beats that will leave you blissed, blessed and fully charged - followed by our usual wonderful candle lit picnic”.

The Centre will have a vegan month! And raise awareness through posters and publicity why veganism is an ethical issue. 

The month will conclude with a mitra morning on the theme of “Facing the Shadow of the Future” hosted by our mitra conveners, Padmavajri and Dharmakara

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