Buddhist Action Month 2016

BAM Melbourne - Sangha divestment day

On Sat, 18 June, 2016 - 04:00
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On June 18 members of the Melbourne Triratna Sangha will have the chance to learn how to divest from fossil fuels. This will be a two-hour workshop led by Tejopala.

For information about divestment go to www.gofossilfree.org

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A great day with a great turnout. Thank Tejopala!

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Fantastic!! If we could collectively, as an ‘institution’ divest from fossil fuels, we would manage to bring Buddhism up to speed with the Quakers.. let’s try and extend this conversation to all our centres, for a start. Thanks, Tejopala and Melbourne sangha, for taking this on board.

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That is certainly my hope. Thanks for the encouragement. Do you know of any good resources for divestment in the UK

We looked at changing three things: 

1. Bank

2. Superannuation provider

3. Electricity company

For each one of these there are useful online guides for people living in Australia. Do you know if there are guides for each of these in the UK, please?

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My knowledge of divestment in the UK has been largely from within the Universities movement, as that’s where I’ve been based. I’m sure a bit of searching would pull up some good resources, though… 

To Triratna, though, your three points above remind me of the Sustainable Buddhist Centre certificate, which has 10 points that include electricity company among other things. In fact, an interesting side-effect of Sheffield Buddhist Centre working towards this certificate in 2014 was how the review of ethics brought about the unequivocal decision to change banks. This was above the requirements of the certificate, yet completely in line with the spirit of it.