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Awakening money: sources of inspiration 1

On Tue, 23 June, 2015 - 23:11
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Amalavajra, Triratna’s European fundraiser lists some sources of inspiration for refreshing your relationship with money. First, some talks:

Vaddhaka’s barnstorming talk on Going Beyond Capitalism - A Buddhist Perspective (61 minutes). On video or audio.

Sangharakshita on Buddhist Economics (Audio, 76 minutes) 
This lecture lays down the principles underlying the creation and use of wealth, and explores the principles of generosity and right livelihood as signified by the Goddess Sri’s promise to give everything needed for spiritual life.

Me, Amalavajra, a former City bond salesman, on money and meaning!     
-    Your Money or Your Life (53 minutes)
-    Let’s talk about money (12 minutes)

amalavajra [at] (Join Amalavajra’s Money awakening email list )to stay in touch.

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