Buddhist Action Month 2016

Amalaketu: 10 Steps To Sustainability

On Sun, 19 June, 2016 - 04:00
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For Buddhist Action Month 2016 we asked our friends from around the world to say what the Bodhisattva Ideal means to them…

Amalaketu is spearheading a great drive to see all Triratna Buddhist Centres in the UK become sustainable spaces. Here’s his easy-to-implement 10-step guide to making it happen… What are you waiting for? :)

Download your pack at thebuddhistcentre.com/sustainable

More at thebuddhistcentre.com/bam - get involved!

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Just to make sure I got the list right, here are our Triratna Sustainable Centre’s flying the flag of Sustainability! 

Amsterdam, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Colchester, Essen, Metta Vihara, Norwich, Sheffield, Taraloka and Tiratanaloka. 

Sadhu all, I hope all our centres will be one day!!