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Boundless Space and Limitless Light

On Wed, 5 April, 2023 - 15:36
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In 2018, Satyalila had the pleasure of sitting down with Akasasuri at the Adhisthana Library for an interview as part of the Fifty Years Fifty Voices project. Extracts from this interview were used in the project, and now we are gradually releasing the full interviews to provide a deeper dive into the lives of various members of the Triratna Buddhist Order across the globe.

In this far-reaching conversation, Satyalila and Akasasuri touch on many aspects of her life in the order. They begin by discussing where it all began as well as the events that led to Akasasuri joining the then “Friends of the Western Buddhist Order” and her experiences with other teachers who influenced her journey. Her journey began with training as a Gestalt therapist and psychosynthesis in Holland.

Like many conversations in the 50 Voices project, Akasasuri emphasizes the importance of friendships within the Triratna Buddhist community. She speaks warmly of Dharmacharini Vajrayogini, who she regards as a formidable woman and a great Dharma teacher. Despite their age difference, they established a deep friendship, and Akasasuri regards her as her first teacher.

Later, they discuss Akasasuri’s experiences of working for the movement, which spanned several different Triratna contexts, including various Buddhist centres and her work as a van driver for Windhorse Trading. Throughout the conversation, the importance of Going for Refuge to the three jewels in Buddhism is highlighted, and they discuss how it can be put into action through kindness and service.

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Akasasuri: full interview for Buddhist Voices podcast
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