Welcome to Young Facilitators Kula

Young Facilitators Kula
Young Facilitators Kul…

This is the portal for all young facilitators to share resources, ideas and inspirations. It’s envisaged as a knowledge pool for members of the kula to draw on to take their young Buddhist group to the next level, and a way of rejoicing in what’s going well.

So what has worked for you? The sorts of things that you could post are:

  • Ideas for themes
  • Publicity images/strategies
  • Recordings/videos of talks
  • Photos
  • Retreat ideas
  • Quick updates on how your last event went
  • Upcoming plans
  • Questions and challenges
  • Whatever you think will help others and keep a connection within this kula…

Share away!

Prajnaketu x Feb 16


Moksatara Amalasiddhi and Prajnaketu...