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Triratna Young Buddhists News by Singhamati, Winter 2014

On Thu, 11 December, 2014 - 12:12
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Welcome to Triratna Young Buddhists News! A NEW quarterly update
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Transforming Work; Transforming Work: Exploring Right Livelihood.
21- 22 February 2015. Cambridge, UK.
Work: Boring, stressful, tiring. Meaningful, inspiring, fun, liberating. Can you imagine a change in the way you relate to work so it becomes a practice of spiritual growth? Imagine working in a meaningful project with likeminded people helping each other to develop and have a positive influence in the world. Work can be a transformation ground that moves us toward awakening. In this weekend we will be exploring how can we transform our work so it can transform us and the world.

Starts on Saturday at 9:00am and finishes on Sunday 3:00pm.
People can sleep over at the Centre so bring a sleeping bag and camping mat. Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast and lunch will be provided.
Suggested donation: £25
Book at:

Triratna Sub25
To encourage and support even younger young adults to be inspired by the Dharma and supported to practice in our Community we are initiating events specifically for under 25s in 2015. This will include a day retreat at the London Buddhist centre and a weekend at Adhisthana, dates TBC. If you are under 25 and would like details of Sub25 events then email Singhamati at youngtriratna [at] to be added to the Sub25s mailing list.

Celebrating the Internationality of Triratna Young Buddhists: events happening worldwide during 6-8th June 2015
Did you know we now have Young Buddhists Groups at 12 Centres in the UK, 6 on mainland Europe, 2 in Australia, and groups germinating in Mexico and the US, as well as a National Network of Buddhist Youth (NNBY) in India? To mark this, all Triratna Young Buddhists groups have been invited to run an event, be that an evening, weekend or day, at some point during the weekend 6-8th June 2015 dedicated to celebrating the internationality of Triratna Young Buddhists. This weekend is also the first weekend in Triratna’s Buddhist Action Month (BAM) so a collective theme for these events may tie in with BAM. Further details to follow.

Buddhafield Festival and Triratna Young Buddhists Unite: come and volunteer, work and play together, July 2015
The Buddhafield Festival is a Triratna run event where volunteers come together to create working teams where dharma practice, right livelihood and spiritual friendship are a vital part of the mix. At the Buddhafield Festival 2015 we are inviting all Young Buddhists’ to unite with Buddhafield: to help support their work; to inspire other young people coming along; to benefit from working together and enjoy the festival itself.

The festival runs from Wednesday 15th – Sunday 19th July. Depending on your time commitments you can volunteer during the festival or before and after as well! Or failing that just come and enjoy the festival with your Young Buddhists friends. You could join with other Young Buddhists’ at your centre to join a work team together. Contact your local Young Buddhists group to see if they are getting involved or if in any doubt email Singhamati at youngtriratna [at] and I will try to help. I’m planning to be there with other Young Buddhists, so I look forward to seeing you there!

Young Buddhist Calendar 2015
16-18 January: Young Order Members Retreat at Adhisthana
21-22 February: Transforming Work: Exploring Right Livelihood, Cambridge Buddhist Centre
9-16 March: Young Mens’ Retreat at Padmaloka
27-29 March: youngtriratna [at] (subject: Young%20Facilitators%20Gathering) (Young Facilitators’ Gathering) at Adhisthana
16-19 April: Young Buddhists Retreat at Metta Vihara in the Netherlands
1-4 May: Young Womens’ Weekend at Taraloka
24-26 July: German Young Buddhists Retreat at Vimaladhatu
4-7 September: Long Weekend for Young Women who have asked for Ordination, Tiratanaloka
16-18 Oct: The Big One - the 8th Annual Triratna Young Buddhists Retreat at Adhisthana
11-13 December: Young Mens’ Retreat at Padmaloka
Lastly, don’t forget to join and follow this page for regular updates and news on Young Buddhists activities!

Wishing you all a happy and inspired 2015!

Triratna Young Buddhists Coordinator
Development Team, funded by the European Chairs Assembly
youngtriratna [at]
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