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Triratna Day - Birmingham 6th April

On Wed, 20 March, 2013 - 10:28
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Triratna Day 2013: Celebrating Gratitude with our wider community

Hosted by the Young Buddhists group

Saturday 6th April, Birmingham Buddhist Centre

Sangharakshita has said many people who visit him thank him for starting the Triratna Buddhist Community. He has observed that they nearly always express gratitude for two things: his clear conceptual presentation of the Dharma, and the warmth of the alternative culture provided by the Sangha.

This Triratna Day we will be hearing about Sangharakshita’s latest thinking, experiencing and rejoicing in the Sangha, exploring the alternative culture of Triratna and its new youth movement and expressing whatever it is we appreciate about the Triratna Buddhist Community.

All hosted by the Birmingham Young Buddhists group (YOBs) - expect energy and fun!

9.30 -Doors open

10.00 -Meditation

11.00 - Introduction and celebrating all that we do (Dharmashalin)

11.45 - Tea break

12.15 - Talk on Sangharakshita’s latest thinking (Vidyaruchi)

1.30 Lunch - bring vegetarian food to share

2.30 - Gratitude Explosion!

3.30 - Sangha as alternative culture & the Triratna youth movement - Kara

4.00 - Tea break

4.30 - Themed groups

5.45 - Short Break

6.00 – Gratitude Puja

7.00 - Dinner - cooked by the YOBs (Booking essential: matnoo [at] 07812989091)

Parents/carers/kids activities available – contact Cait (07707 999 126)

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