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A Trip To India? Let Us Know By Valentines Day!

On Tue, 9 February, 2016 - 23:21
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*UPDATE*: Mokshapriya indicates that an answer by the 21st would be feasible if Valentines day is too soon for you to make plans! :)

Young Buddhists actively involved with your Centres, are you interested in a trip to India with other international young Buddhists?

On 14th October 2016 Buddhist India will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism and the immediate conversions of hundreds of thousands of his followers. The greatest of those celebrations will be held at the very place of those conversions - the Dikshaboomi in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

In October 2016 Subhuti has offered to lead a five day international convention in the Nagpur area for young Triratna Buddhists hosted by the National Network of Buddhist Youth (NNBY). This is an opportunity for young Buddhists from around the world to meet in a very special environment and at a very special time. The event will include time at the Dikshabhoomi during festivities which will be on a scale hard to imagine.

There is a burgeoning Buddhist young persons movement in India with remarkable inspiration, motivation, social awareness and ability but little connection with young people in the wider Triratna world. The convention offers the chance to explore what it means to be young Buddhist in Triratna worldwide, forging links, finding common ground, creating friendships.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was a Buddhist of profound significance for Triratna and there is much that Western Buddhists in particular might gain from a deeper appreciation of this remarkable revolutionary.

The convention will be held in English and will be planned by both Indian and Western Triratna young people . Organised tours of Maharashtrian Buddhist sites will be available after the convention offering a chance to visit such places as Ellora and Ajanta. Nagpur has an international airport and good rail links with other cities. The cost, including food and accommodation will be around 7000/- Indian Rupees (approx £70)

Further details will be announced in March once the event is confirmed. But whether it happens depends on how many Western Buddhists can make the trip. if there’s at least 25 of you then it will happen. It would be particularly good to have you there but we need to know by February 14th.

Yes we need to know by February 14th!!!

So are you interested? And if so are you likely to bring any others with you? Please let me know at mokshapriya [at] and please let me know which Centre you are attached to.

Yours in the sangha,

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