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Sydney Under 35's retreat

On Mon, 22 February, 2016 - 15:47
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26th-28th of Feb

“In fact we may say that the creative mind at its highest level is freedom itself…” Sangharakshita

On this retreat we will begin to get a sense of what the creative mind truly is. Creative mind is not about being an artist or having any special ‘talent’. It’s about finding freedom from the mechanical and habitual nature of the reactive mind, about questioning and moving beyond the usual. The process begins with the simple application of awareness.

We will be meditating, exploring a text “Mind Creative, Mind Reactive” by Sangharakshita, and doing simple workshops. On retreat, living with others of like mind, cooking and eating together, in stunning bushland outside Sydney, we will have the conditions for deeper calm, creativity, and flourishing.

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$190 ($140 concession) - includes food and accommodation
Open to Anyone 18-35

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