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I'll be there for you? a conversation

On Wed, 22 April, 2020 - 11:07
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What does friendship look like now? I’m Prajnaketu and I’ve been back in the UK for seven weeks, after travelling in India, and apart from my girlfriend (who I live with) in all that time I’ve seen just one of my friends in person. I’m sure this is a familiar situation to many of us.

So how are you finding this? What does it mean for us to say ‘I’ll be there for you’ when ‘there’ means more like ‘over there’ (ie greater than 2 metres) or even ‘somewhere else’…? And how do we use the online options available to us to not only keep our friendships ticking over but even deepen them?

If those questions interest you, join me and other young Buddhists aged 18-30 from around the world to talk about this and much more at the Sunday Conversation.

No need to RSVP – just show up with your favourite hot drink (appropriate to your time zone) this Sunday (26th of April) 10-11.30am UK & Ire / 11-12.30 Europe / 19.00-20.30 Eastern Australia

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