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Windhorse Publications turns 50

On Thu, 25 January, 2024 - 12:30
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Liz Evers

This year is going to be significant for Windhorse Publications. After 50 years in operation, we have a lot to celebrate!

Back in the 1970s, what is now Windhorse Publications started out as a scattering of right livelihood businesses including typesetters, printers, distributors and publishers. At first, its newsletters and journals were published under the name Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. It then became Windhorse Press in the early 1970s when it began publishing full length books, starting with The Essence of Zen. By the early 1980s, it had become Windhorse Publications. 

Throughout 2024, we’ll be looking back over 50 years of Dharma publishing and sharing stories from Windhorse’s past. We’ll also look to the future of our books, podcasts, courses and other ways we can continue to support the Dharma life of our community.

In a fine twist of fate, as well as celebrating our 50th anniversary, this year we’ll also be publishing the last three volumes of   Sangharakshita’s Complete Works

Please join our celebrations

There are many ways for you to participate in our 50th anniversary celebrations…

  • First up will be the International Triratna Day online celebrations on Saturday the 6th of April. At that event, we’ll highlight Windhorse Publications’ roots in Sangharakshita’s talks and writing, and the project of living and working together as part of our Buddhist practice. More information about that event will be available soon here on and its social media channels. 

  • From the 22nd to the 25th of August, members of the Triratna Buddhist Order are invited to gather at the Combined Area Order Weekend at Adhisthana, where we’ll celebrate Sangharakshita’s writings and the texts and ideas that ground us in the practice of the Dharma.

— Volume 6 will be The Essential Sangharakshita, originally published by Wisdom Publications.

— Volume 11, A New Buddhist Movement I, includes articles and interviews of the early years of what is now the Triratna Buddhist movement.

— Volume 27’s editor Vidyadevi is deep at work producing the last, and definitely not least volume: Concordance to his Complete Works. Somewhere between an index and an Encyclopaedia, the Concordance will be a guide to a lifetime of Sangharakshita’s published Dharma teaching.

We’d love to hear from you!

How have Windhorse Publications’ books introduced you to the Dharma, touched your life, or supported your practice? Please share your stories with us.

You can send us an email (info [at] with your story: it could be about an experience of reading one of the books we’ve published, or how you’ve used a book (or books) in your practice, or a book-based course or study you did that had a profound influence… And if you can, please share a picture of yourself with the book cover, or better yet, send a short video clip, telling us where you are and what book or books have touched your life.

Windhorse Publications has been run on a shoestring its whole existence. Publishing is a precarious business and a labour of love, and today the challenges are particularly acute. We’d love to ensure that Windhorse Publications goes into the next 50 years strong and independent, and publishing the books we value. You can be part of that by donating now.

We hope to see you in 2024!

With much metta 

The (current) Windhorse Publications team: Dhammamegha, Liz, Michelle, Utpalavajri and Walter

Join us in celebrating 50 years of precious Dharma books
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