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On Fri, 21 April, 2017 - 16:28
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We value your custom no matter how you buy our books. But who you buy from can wind up directing more or less money to us … which affects our ability to support new and existing books. Besides this, there are ways all our customers can get a discount … read on …

Buying from our website

Buying from our website as compared with any other website is preferable for us, as we receive 100% of the profits that way. For example, if a book is bought from Amazon, we only receive 40% of the price of the book. We appreciate the support when our customers use our website, and we can use all the profits to go towards funding new books and keeping existing books in print.

Buying from our website is hopefully preferable for you, too!

10% discount - First of all, if you would like to buy anything from our website, please make sure you log in. Registering for an account on our website is quick, free, and automatically gives you 10% off books and CDs from our site!

25% discount - If you become a Windhorse Supporting Member, you receive a 25% discount off any books and CDs (apart from the Complete Works) from our website. To become a supporting member, sign up to donate at least £30 annually to us. This helps us immensely, as standing donations help us plan how much we can spend on book production.

Did you know?  For all books and CDs apart from the Complete Worksshipping within the UK is free when you buy from our website!

Buying from a Centre

Triratna Centres and Bookshops receive a 25% discount from us when they buy our books. So, if you buy from your local centre, you support both them and us. We’re both grateful.

Our books

We aim to spread the Dharma through high-quality, well-thought out material.  We hope our books support newcomers in meeting and getting to know the Dharma, in addition to supporting seasoned practitioners in their quest to go deeper.

“Windhorse Publications has been an integral part of the Triratna Buddhist Community (FWBO) almost since the latter’s inception. It has published books by me, by other members of Triratna and by other authors, and in this way has helped spread the Dharma through the medium of the written word. Through its work tens of thousands of people all over the world have come to know about the Buddha’s teaching. I therefore congratulate Windhorse Publications on what it has achieved so far and trust that it will flourish for many years to come.”  - Urgyen Sangharakshita, founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community.

With all best wishes,

from the Windhorse Publications team: Priyananda, Michelle and Giulietta

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