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This week's free eBook and how to qualify for free shipping

On Mon, 14 September, 2020 - 15:30
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The image of the Buddha, cross-legged and meditating, has permeated modern western culture, and can now be found almost everywhere, from Instagram to the garden centre. But who was the Buddha? In this week’s free eBook, Who is the Buddha? Sangharakshita views the Buddha from three perspectives: as a historical figure, a warrior prince searching for the truth; as the pinnacle of human evolution; and as an archetype in the context of both time and eternity.

Who is the Buddha? is a concise yet far-reaching introduction to the central figure of Buddhism and what he represents. Reading this book has opened me up to the possibility that, to borrow words from the Threefold Puja, ‘what the Buddha attained, we too can attain’.

If you haven’t yet downloaded last week’s free eBook, What is the Sangha?, also by Sangharakshita, you’ve still got time to do so. It will remain free until the 21st of September.

Download both free eBooks here.

Even though our offer of free shipping on all orders has now ended, we’re still offering free postage on orders over £20 to the UK and Europe and orders over £30 to the rest of the world. If you have an order that almost qualifies, you might like to make a donation at checkout to take the order over the free shipping threshold. To make this easier, we’ve reduced the minimum donation you can make at checkout from £3 to £1. 

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