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This weeks eBook giveaway and an update

On Tue, 30 June, 2020 - 09:26
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This week we’re giving away The Heart by Vessantara. This short book offers a grounded and profound guide to the metta bhavana. You can download it here until July 13. 

It’s a big week at Windhorse Publications. Since late March, more than 9,000 free eBooks have been downloaded for our website. It’s been a joy to share the dharma, and thanks to your donations and purchases we’ve had enough income to keep going. What you may not know is that we stopped all new book production, commissioning and reprints, and furloughed most of the team to keep our expenses down. 
With commercial bookshops reopening and a regular income from our website, we’ve decided it’s time to get back to work! The rest of the team will come back part time this week. It’s a calculated risk but we have excellent new books just months away from completion. Could you help us bring them into being? 

One way you can help is to Sponsor a Book. When you give £40 or more, you help us cover production and printing costs and you get the paperback and eBook sent to you as soon as its published.

We have three books we’re aiming to publish in the next few months: Buddhist monk and scholar Analayo has two titles. Introducing Mindfulness explores a range of practices attending to the body, breath, eating, reflection and insight. It includes exercises and audio meditations. Its larger companion book Mindfulness in Early Buddhism analyses mindfulness in terms of 5 benefits: protective, embodied, attentive, receptive and liberating. It is an authoritative resource based on early Buddhist texts for anyone who is teaching, researching or practicing mindfulness. The third new title is by Danapriya who has just finished his first book called It’s Not out There. The subtitle is how to see differently and lead an extraordinary ordinary life. This is exactly what the book shows us how to do through its stories, humour and challenge. 
If you’d like to make a bigger donation you can click here. Or consider adding a few pounds when you check out with your eBook. It really makes a difference. Thank you for your support. And happy reading! 

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