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Week 12 of free eBooks with 'Free the Dharma'

On Mon, 8 June, 2020 - 12:15
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I find it hard to believe we’re now into the twelfth week of our Free the Dharma eBook giveaway. When we began it back in March, we had no idea it would still be running almost three months later. For most people, the past three months have been especially challenging. Whenever I’m feeling challenged, there are two main supports I turn to: friends and books; particularly books about the Dharma. I feel heartened to know that, thanks to Free the Dharma, there are hundreds of people who now have more Dharma books, providing them with a greater reservoir of support during these uniquely challenging times. 

The eBook we’re giving away this week is Buddhist Meditation: Tranquillity, Imagination and Insight by Kamalashila. It’s a comprehensive and practical guide to Buddhist meditation, providing a complete introduction for beginners, as well as detailed advice for experienced meditators seeking to deepen their practice. Kamalashila explores the primary aims of Buddhist meditation: enhanced awareness, true happiness, and – ultimately – liberating insight into the nature of reality. Download the eBook here.

One reason we’ve chosen Kamalashila’s book for this week’s giveaway is because it ties in with an upcoming series of online meditation workshops being offered by Tejananda via The Buddhist Centre Online. Tejananda is a highly experienced meditation teacher, who lives and teaches at Vajraloka meditation centre in North Wales. The series of workshops he’ll be leading is entitled Meditating In The Mandala: An embodied approach to awakening, and it runs from Friday, June 12th to Thursday, June 18th. Find out more here.

If you’ve not yet downloaded last week’s free eBook, Saving the Earth by Akuppa, there’s still time to do so; it will be free until Monday, June 15th. Download it here.

If you prefer physical books, don’t forget we’re offering five of our print titles at a 25% discount throughout June in our Stay at Home Sale. They are The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path by Sangharakshita, Vegetarianism by Bodhipaksa, Mindful Emotion by Dr Paramabandhu Groves and Dr Jed Shamel, the Puja book (both paperback and hardback editions) and Dipa Ma by Amy Schmidt. Find out more here.

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