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Two New Books Coming This Summer - Sponsors Wanted

On Thu, 22 March, 2018 - 15:40
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This year started with a ‘bang’ for us with two new releases. A Meditator’s Life of the Buddha by Bhikkhu Anālayo aims to help meditators gain inspiration and guidance by following the Buddha’s journey. Wild Awake hopes to inspire and support people who are going out into nature and/or reflecting in solitude. The first review of Wild Awake by Middle Way Society is glowing.

New Books This Summer

We are looking forward to two new books coming out this summer.

I’ll Meet You There by Shantigarbha.

This is a beautifully written guide to how empathy and mindfulness help us connect with ourselves and others. The author is an experienced teacher of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and an ordained Buddhist in the Triratna movement who’s name means ‘seed of peace’.

Shantigarbha shows the essential links between mindfulness, empathy and compassion as expressions of a well integrated heart and mind. This book is essential reading for those who wish to explore this important area of inner work. - Christopher Titmuss, Insight Meditation teacher, co-founder of Gaia House retreat centre

Satipatthāna Meditation: A Practice Guide by Bhikkhu Anālayo

Following on from Bhikkhu Anālayo’s best-selling books, Satipatthāna, the direct path to insight and Perspectives on SatipatthānaSatipatthāna Meditation: A Practice Guide is a thorough-going guide to the early Buddhist teachings on Satipatthana, the foundations of mindfulness. For each of the seven contemplations covered in this book there are audio recordings by Anālayo with guided meditation instructions, freely available now.

This is a pearl of a book. It is a treasure-house of practical teachings, rendered accessible with a clear and simple eloquence, and with praiseworthy skill and grace. - Ajahn Amaro

An eminently pragmatic discussion of how to put these teachings into practice. Anālayo has developed a simple and straightforward map of practice instructions encompassing all four satipatthānas, which build upon one another in a coherent and comprehensive path leading to the final goal. - Joseph Goldstein, from the Foreword

As we’re a small charity, we ask that you please consider sponsoring one or both to help us with publication costs. Those contributing sponsorships of £30 or more will receive the eBook and paperback upon publication.

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